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The hot new DRC1000 cuts the heart out of the competition.

Talk about a revolution! Previous advances have barely scratched the surface of buffing pad improvement. But the new DRC1000 (Diagonally Recessed Center), a true revolution, cuts to the very heart of buffing technology, making flat pads virtually obsolete. Here's why.

Trouble starts in the center. Whether you are a novice or a buffing pro, you can easily see the problem in our home page demo video: Traditional pads load up the center with compound, quickly become saturated and create a central dead zone that leads to center smearing. This in turn obscures your vision, wasting time as well as costly compound. Until now, we've had to accept or work around this problem.

Now for the solution - the DRC1000 from Sabo Industries! The DRC1000 solves the problem of a saturated center by simply doing away with it. That's right, the center can't load up and saturate with compound because it's gone. As you can see in comparison photo below, a patented conical recession replaces the slow-moving non-working center surface area. It's a concept we perfected (and eventually patented) after years of testing in our own shop.

How the DRC1000 Works.

As the DRC1000 rotates at the recommended RPMs, the centrifugal force created pushes compounds out onto the working area of the pad where they can be broken down and used efficiently - not saturated into the center of the pad where there is insufficient friction to break them down. Since there is no center to be saturated, there is virtually no center smearing to cloud your view of the panel and slow you down.

Old-style flat pads smear the panel surface as they gather compounds to the center and keep it saturated. That means more frequent changing or cleaning - another waste of time and money. And because center smearing obscures the true surface condition, you may have to stop polishing and wipe the surface clean to see the true condition or polish longer to remove the haze left by smearing. More wasted time.

Put the power of centrifugal force to work for you.

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