Buffing Pads vs Polishing Pads

DRC-1000 Pro-Series Foam Pads

Recommended for Rotary and Orbital Machines

Sabo Industries Inc. is excited to bring you the latest addition of foam buffing pads for cars with DRC Technology (DRC-T.) For two years, we worked extensively to choose foams and develop a pad that Professional Detailers and Weekend Warriors alike can use on a variety of machines.

We have integrated accessibility and performance, with four of the most versatile foams available! There is not another pad in the industry that can bring you all that the DRC1000 foam pad has to offer in these two crucial areas.

Choose a Pro-Series Orange and a cutting compound and you will be able to remove 2-3000 grit sanding scratches, or choose an orange with a polish and get a mirror finish. These pads are not for everyday user, they are professional grade foam designed with the seasoned Weekend Warrior and the Professional Detailer in mind.

What makes the DRC 1000 buffing pad different?

DRC stands for diagonally recessed center, which means that the center of the pad is recessed. Sabo Industries has actually removed the center, creating a cone-shaped recession. This is a patented improvement which prevents the center of the buffing pad from becoming saturated with buffing compound. This is an exclusive feature of the DRC 1000. No other buffing or car polishing pad on the market can deliver the benefits this feature provides.

Why is the recessed center important?

The recessed center eliminates saturation in the middle of the pad which requires longer buffing times due to smearing of compounds or polish. With no compounds absorbing into the foam pad center, there is less waste of expensive compounds and polishes. The DRC1000 keeps compounds and polish out on the working surface of the pad where they can do their work. The benefit of a large flat working surface is more positive contact. This helps to break down compounds more efficiently in a shorter amount of time.

What other benefits does the DRC1000 offer?

The tapered edge of the DRC1000 buffing and polishing pad allows for detailed buffing in hard-to-reach areas such as style lines, door handle pockets, wheel lip areas and under mirrors. It also improves your vision of the work surface. Other benefits include a recessed mounting hole which makes for easy alignment and attachment of the pad to the backing disc. Centering holes in the pad and backing disc allow easy first-time alignment.

What is a foam buffing pad?

Buffing is the first step in the paint correction process. When a foam buffing pad is used in conjunction with an abrasive compound, it has the cutting power to remove sanding scratches. If used with a less abrasive compound, a foam buffing pad can also safely remove light to moderate scratches. Buffing pads are also referred to as cutting pads. The compression of DRC-1000 Pro Series foam buffing pads will vary as the foam warms during use. It is firm when cold and will conform and compress more as it warms. This is a popular choice of professional detailers.

What is a foam polishing pad?

Polishing is the less aggressive step in the paint correction process. This step uses a less aggressive foam polishing pads and can be used as a stage two following wool or orange pad. They can also be used as a stage three following our natural buffing pad. Polishing pads are also referred to finishing pads. Finishing pads are also great for removing oxidation, light scratches and water spots. Once the polishing and finish process is complete you can use our polishing pads as a wax pad to apply your favorite car wax.

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