DRC1000 Buffing Pads

"Get To The Finish"

Why DRC Buffing Pads?

  • Patented Diagonally Recessed Center (DRC)
  • Large working surface
  • Full 1 ½″ side of buffing surface
  • Hook and loop Velcro backing
  • 7/8″ centering hole for top-side alignment
  • Rounded tapered edge for accessing hard to reach areas
  • New design saves you time and money
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Patented Diagonally Recessed Center (DRC)

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Large working surface

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Full 1 1/2″ side of buffing surface

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Hook and loop Velcro backing

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7/8″ centering hole for top-side alignment

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Rounded tapered edge for accessing hard to reach areas

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U.S. PATENT NUMBER 6,783,448

Save Time & Money

Every professional understands the key importance of reliable tools in getting a great result. You want equipment that will last, that will reduce labor and use technology to maximum effect. The state of the art design and cutting technology embedded in DRC1000 FOAM BUFFING PADS will save you time and money.

Featured DRC100 Pro Series Buffing Pads

From cut to finish.

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Buffing pads, backing plates, and The Pad Conditioner. Everything you need to get started today.

The Original Pad Conditioner®

Cleaning buffing pads has never been easier.

Key Features

  • Cleans both foam and wool buffing pads in seconds
  • Long lasting bristles
  • Ergonomic pistol grip keeps hands up and away from pad
  • Easily slides in and out of pocket for easy access


Foam and wool buffing pads often cake up with compound residue. The only solution used to be replacing the dirty pads or washing them. Either way, you had to bring everything to a stop to correct the pad situation. But that was before Sabo Industries invented and patented the industry’s first Pad Conditioning Brush. It permits quick, easy and efficient pad cleaning – without removing the pad from the buffer. You can do the job in just seconds and be back on the panel. Safe, effective and ergonomically correct, the Pad Conditioner has been meeting the pad cleaning needs of detailers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe since 1998.
U.S. PATENT NUMBER 5,070,570


If you have more questions, visit our FAQ page to learn more tips and tricks using our patented buffing pads.
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