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Sabo Industries – Nearly a century of combined experience in auto repair and detailing

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West Michigan Auto Body, the centerpiece of Sabo Industries, is a true family affair. Since the beginning, our goal has been quality workmanship. We have purposely kept our company small, and today we work together – and side by side with a handful of carefully trained employees – out of a 10,000-square-foot facility in Spring Lake, Michigan. We are proud of the reputation for quality workmanship, honesty and value we have built by repairing and detailing every kind of vehicle for a wide variety of customers for more than thirty years.

Two of us own the business and paint and assemble vehicles while a third brother manages the repairs with three other technicians. Our only sister and the youngest of seven children, runs the office.
Through the years we have seen our industry change and evolve. We were there when foam buffing pads came into common use in the late 70s. We watched the mid-80s introduction of base coat-clear coat paint systems and noted how well foam pads worked on this new system. While we were observing the changes in our industry, we also remained alerted to it’s needs. So when we saw no effective tool for cleaning foam and wool pads, we invented one – the Pad Conditioner brush.

We went onto patent this unique tool and today it sells throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. In much the same way, we shared with other auto repair professionals the problems posed by the saturated centers of foam pads. Cutting a cone out of the center was the first step in years of trial and experimentation in our own shop. Those years of dedicated research have paid off with the introduction of our new DRC1000 buffing system. As our industry evolves, Sabo Industries will be at the forefront of hands-on efforts to make products and advancements to improve performance, increase efficiency and add lasting value for our customers.

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